GVINCH ball valves are full-way brass valves made of CW614N high-quality brass that matches LS59 brass grade as per GOST 15527-70. Nickel-plated brass fittings are also available.

Basic parts of GVINCH ball valves, i.e. body, ball lock and stem, are hot-pressed. Body and pin are nickel-plated and ball lock is chrome-plated.


The total leak-proof warranty is guaranteed by 4/PFTE and NBR sealants which are applied in the GVINCH valves and very resistant to wear.


Based on their design features, the GVINCH ball valves may be applied in the systems involving a wide temperature range, from -10 °C till +120 °C at operating pressure of up to 2.5 MPa. The safe life of the GVINCH ball valves is at least 15 thousand “open-closed” cycles.


The butterfly handle is made of aluminum, with its walls being designed to include a thickness which prevents it from failure. The handle configuration involves a design feature in the form of an extended upper part of its surfaces. Such surface configuration of the valve handle offers a longer moment arm, which decreases significantly the opening and closing efforts needed to apply. The original T-shaped design of the GVINCH ball valve handle has been asserted by a Russian patent.

The lever handle is made of steel involving the DACROMET protection plating, which ensures a 5-year corrosion-proof warranty. The valve handle design features an enlarged length from the pipe connection axis of the valve, involving within the operating area a rigid plastic coating with low thermal conductivity. All these features ensure that a operator’s hand is safe from temperature exposures and potential mechanical damages while making the handle apparently easy to operate.

The valve handles are tightened to the stem by a self-locking nut which is safe from being self-unlocked.


The ball valve surfaces bear the following identifications marks:

- four-digit number designation of the production month and year; Rostest logo that evidences that the products are approved with GOST R Certificate of Compliance; - nominal pressure rating (PN) and nominal inside diameter (DN); - GVINCH™ styled logo. An oval hologram sticker that bears the GVINCH logo trademark with the replicated Gvinch sign is attached to each grey-painted ball valve handle.